Anne Marie Santos talks about Kristen Stewart.

In One and Only, Anne Marie Santos (Lu Anne Henderson's daughter) speaks about Kristen Stewart and how the actress feels about playing Marylou in the movie. We also  learn how committed she is to the part, and more ! Let's have a look from the excerpts I took from the book...

On the way Kristen Stewart looks like Lu Anne Henderson : 
''She's totally opposite of my mother in so many ways.'' : 

Extract from One & Only,p.230, authorization given to Ontheroad-themovie by Viva Editions (C)

Anne Marie Santos : 
''I found that Kristen is very, very committed to the part, that she wants to represent my mother in her own right, not as ''a shadow of the boys'', as she put it.''

Kristen Stewart :
 ''I have the original book where I highlighted the parts of Marylou. [...] My curiosity about Lu Anne didn't just come up when Walter Salles asked me to read for the part.''

Santos on Kristen and role models :
 ''She was looking for someone ''who had already done it''- by which she meant a young woman who'd also struck out on her own at a very young age.'' ''Kristen is not just playing Marylou. She is playing Lu Anne.''

On Kristen's preparation for the part : 
''Kristen told me that when she listened to the tapes of Lu Anne telling her story, that was the moment when Marylou became Lu Anne for her.''

Santos :
 ''Kristen is a very feeling young woman. She's only a girl of 20 years, but when she is researching a part, she goes all the way into it.''

Kristen Stewart on the On The Road movie : '
'Some of the scenes are pretty rough now. Don't be shocked when you see them. You know the story, but the way we are doing it is pretty graphic and pretty rough.''

BONUS : Twilight  and Kristen's passion for cooking mention ;)

A big thanks to Viva editions for their authorization  !

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