Report : ON THE ROAD UK Premiere (Somerset House).

Burn, burn, burn across the stars.  
On thursday afternoon, we gathered with another On The Road fan I met a week ago. I didn't have a ticket, but no matter, 'Let's just see'. We started waiting and as we were chatting with other people, it came up that a girl had a spare ticket for me. Hallelujah. 
So here I am, 6.30 p.m, inside the Somerset House, in front of a big screen, waiting for the holy movie to begin. I shared some great time with an authentic Beat fan sitting next to me, who had brought his original scroll copy - copy covered on every single page with anecdotes.  

About an hour before the screening, Danny Morgan came to say hi to some of his friends who were there. No barriers, no bodyguards, he was just getting lost in the crowd, stopping sometimes to talk to people and sign autographs. He really is a sweet man. I had the chance to exchange a few words with him, because -of course- my new Beat friend started shouting : ''Hey, Al Hinkle!'' as he was walking next to us.  

9 p.m. The music stopped. ''The screening is about to begin. Please turn off your phone.'' Sam Riley, Tom Sturridge and Danny Morgan went on stage to introduce the movie (See my record below). And here we go, on the road again... 

The choice of putting the On The Road UK premiere into this big open screen was a GREAT choice. Having already seen the movie in Cannes, I can't resist to make a comparison. The two screenings were both very emotional. In Cannes, there was this atmosphere where you know you are living a big moment : the world premiere of the movie, in this mythic Palais des festivals. But there were not this Beat spirit in the air. This time, at Somerset House, you could really share a moment with people. During the whole film, we actually were on the road. We laughed, we applaused. Ate, drank, smoked for some. We were sitting or lying on blankets with pillows. We were watching this masterpiece finally made into a movie.  
Walter Salles' adaptation did incredible justice to the book's spirit. The original scroll, not the censured version first published in 1957. Which means particularly intense sex scenes, drugs everywhere and pure freedom to burn, burn, burn.  
The actors are terrific in it. I've been asked a million times 'what was your favourite performance?' Well, it is actually hard, if not impossible to tell. You cannot pick one of them and say : 'yeah, he/she was the best', because they share that mutual energy.  
I also found the soundtrack well chosen. Oh, and please don't forget to put a special award nomination for the Road, because it literally is a character in the movie.  
Well, I won't say more about the film, because I don't want to spoil those who haven't seen it. For the lucky ones, any favourite scene?  

Here is my top 3 : 
- New Year's Eve 
- The Okie Hitchhiker's song 
- At Old Bull Lee's house   

Next big step for the movie : TIFF Premiere. Won't be able to go there, but I'm sure many of you will share how the whole thing happened. By the way, if some want to write an article for the blog about the TIFF Premiere, feel free to contact! Hope you enjoy this write up :)

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