Un nouveau road trip pour Garrett Hedlund jusqu'au Beat Museum.

Sur le set d'On The Road, avec la Hudson 49.

Traduction du portugais à l'anglais par le site Mrhedlund.com :

 The 49 Hudson, car that crossed the U.S. in the filming of On the Road , Walter Salles, just arrived to … The Beat Museum . It is there that, from now on he will be stationed for all to see, touch and be touched thinking that a car drove just like Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady for adventure that led to the book On the Road .

 To get to The Beat Museum, the Hudson 49, was piloted by Garrett Hedlund , an actor who plays Dean Moriarty, the second unit shot by Walter Salles, the car known as the palm, since the sum at least 100,000 km of road with him. To reach the museum, Garrett made ​​a point of driving the car from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Route 1. With him, departed John Cassady, son of Neal, the more the photographer Greg Smith. 

But the most amazing news is that none other than Al Hinkle, who bought the original car with Neal Cassady in 1949, took a ride on this trip. With 87 years of age, Al embarked on the Hudson in San Jose, when Garrett and his companions stopped to pick it up. The four arrived on Wednesday night, Dec. 7, in North Beach, San Francisco, where The Beat Museum eagerly awaited. 

And speaking of reach, we can not wait the movie premiere!

Traduction de l'anglais au français par 

 L' Hudson 49, voiture qui a traversé les Etats-Unis dans le tournage d'On The Road, de Walter Salles, vient d'arriver au ... Beat Museum. C'est là-bas que, à partir de maintenant, elle sera stationnée pour que tous puissent voir et toucher tout comme Jack Kerouac et Neal Cassady, la voiture qui a conduit au roman Sur la route.

 Pour se rendre au Beat Museum, l'Hudson 49 a été pilotée par Garrett Hedlund, l'acteur qui joue Dean Moriarty, la seconde partie tournée par Walter Salles. La voiture peut obtenir une palme, puisque elle a au moins 100.000 km de route derrière elle . Pour rejoindre le musée, Garrett a tenu à conduire la voiture de Los Angeles à San Francisco sur la Route 1. Avec lui, John Cassady, le fils de Neal, plus le photographe Greg Smith. 

Mais la nouvelle la plus incroyable, c'est que nul autre qu'Al Hinkle, qui a acheté la voiture originale avec Neal Cassady, en 1949, a pris part au voyage. Agé de 87 ans, Al a embarqué sur l'Hudson à San Jose, où Garrett et ses compagnons s'étaient arrêtés pour lui. Les quatre sont arrivés mercredi soir, le 7 décembre, à North Beach, San Francisco, où le Beat Museum les attendait avec impatience.

 Et en parlant de sortie, nous ne pouvons pas attendre la première du film!

EDIT du 13/12/11 : 

Neal Cassady’s legendary ‘49 Hudson, made famous in Jack Kerouac’s novel On The Road, is lost to posterity. Other than Jack’s description of it in the novel (to the point where it is almost a character in the book) and the memory of it in the minds of Neal’s wife Carolyn Cassady and his friend Al Hinkle (‘Big Ed Dunkel’ in the book) there is nothing tangible that can prove it ever even existed. There is no bill of sale, no vehicle identification number, no license plate—not even a photograph. It’s memory is kept alive in the mind of the reader.
And perhaps this is the way it should be. The ‘49 Hudson represents a dream, and dreams are malleable. The Hudson represents Freedom and Desire and “Go, go, go…” as Neal would say, so perhaps it is fitting that you can’t really touch it. The Hudson represents anticipation, the joy of being alive in the world and heading towards that next horizon. It’s an inner journey that is experienced in the external world. In other times the vehicle for this exploration might have been a sailing ship, a white horse in the Cowboy West, or in the future, Hans Solo’s Millennium Falcon.
So none of us can really see the actual ‘49 Hudson that Jack & Neal drove across America. Because there is no tangible record of it, some car collector might be showcasing it as the pride of his collection, yet unaware of its lineage. That, or it might be rusting away in some junkyard in Mexico, or as Neal and Carolyn’s son, John Allen Cassady, is fond of saying, “It’s probably at the bottom of some ravine in the hills of California.”

Today, however—thanks to the generosity of Walter Salles and the good folks involved in the production of the upcoming movie, On The Road—you can see the next best thing. You can come to The Beat Museum and see the one ‘49 Hudson that matters. You can come see the actual car that was used in the shooting of the movie, On The Road.
You gotta love this car! When you see her, there’s a reverence in the room. Garret Hedlund (portraying Neal Cassady in the upcoming film) drove this car all over the country for the primary shoot, and then he and Walter took a 4,000 mile roadtrip from coast to coast and border to border to capture the scenery of America (see that story here: 4000 Miles in a ’49 Hudson).
In December of 2010, when the cast and crew were in San Francisco to shoot the final scenes for the movie, Walter Salles took my wife and I aside and said, “You two have built a magnificent place where people can come and learn about the spirit of The Beat Generation, and you’re encouraging people to read of all these unique cats’ books. And we want to do the same thing in our own way. You’re doing it with a museum, we’re doing it with a movie. So, we’ve decided that when we’re finished with the car, it is going to permanently reside at The Beat Museum. We may come and get it from time to time, maybe for the premier or for some other kind of promotion, but as far as we’re concerned this is its home. The ‘49 Hudson belongs at The Beat Museum.” Read more....

Photos : 

Garrett Hedlund and the Hudson 49

Garrett Hedlund and Al Hinkle
Al Hinkle

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