[PHOTOS] Sam Riley et Albert Hinkle.

Alors que nous nous languissons de news sur le film, voici la photo de Sam Riley (Sal Paradise dans le film) avec Albert Hinkle (aka Big Ed Dunkel).

"Here I am with Sam Riley, the actor who will be playing Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac) in the upcoming On The Road movie. My daughter Dawn got a picture with Garrett Hedlund, who's playing Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady), but she wouldn't let me post it!"

Traduction : 
Me voici avec Sam Riley, qui interprétera Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac) dans le film à venir On The Road. Ma fille Dawn a pris une photo avec Garrett Hedlund, qui joue Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassidy), mais elle ne m'a pas laissé la poster!'' 

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  1. I hope you don't mind me asking but when and where did your daughter meet Garrett Hedlund. I have been a fan of Garrett for 8 years and your daughter is very lucky to have meet him. I know she said you couldnt post the pic but is there any chance she could just post Garrett ( I understand if she wants to keep it private). Anyway thank you for taking the time to read my message and I would be very grateful and appreciative if you reply. I wish you and your daughter all the best and thank you for sharing you picture of you and Sam Riley.

  2. Hello Vanessa !

    I'm so sorry, it's not me on the photo, but Albert Hinckle ! But! I have his facebook fan page, so you can send him a message ;)
    That's : https://www.facebook.com/Big.Ed.Dunkel

    Best wishes,